Cold Boxes

CryoCore can provide cold box technology for a wide variety of processes. Zhongtai Cryogenic holds more than 20 cold box patents and have built more than 70 unique configurations for our customers in a range of sizes. Our applications include:

coldbox-2 Cold Box

Liquid Nitrogen Washing Cold Box

Purification of nitrogen primarily for the fertilizer industry

Natural Gas Liquid Recovery Cold Box

The key component for liquefying gas in LNG plants

Ethylene Column Overhead Condenser / Platefin Vessel

Vapor and liquid separation in vertical or horizontal configurations

Air Separation Unit Cold Box

Separation of air into high-purity nitrogen, oxygen and argon

Propane Dehydrogenation Propylene (PDH) Cold Box

High-yield propylene production under high temperatures

Methanol to Olefins Vessel

Methanol reacts in a fluidized bed to produce low-carbon olefins

Carbon Monoxide Cold Box

Production of high-purity carbon monoxide for the chemical industry